Frequently asked questions

Are your services intended for all kinds of energy consumers, including households?
Currently, the services "optimal energy" are intended for business consumers of energy.
Why would someone buy energy from you?
We do not sell energy. Our experts for the services "optimal energy" offer independent and expert advice and recommendations for selection of your most appropriate supplier and optimal energy prices at an acceptable risk.
What value can we get from you?
With our help you can make optimal decisions when purchasing energy, reduce energy costs and save time for your core business. Sometimes savings of your time alone will exceed the value of the reduction of energy costs.
What energy you cover with your services?
We help our clients with optimal procurement of electricity and natural gas.
Do we need to sign a contract with you?
Based on a short assessment of your profile we prepare a proposal or contract with a specification of the service that best suits your needs.
What to do if we have a contract with an energy supplier?
We will help you find the right solutions for the next contract period, when your existing contract expires. We will analyze risks, which may have materialized within the past contract and we will help you develop energy procurement strategy for the future, which will enable you an optimal energy procurement.
Why would we get a better deal if we work with you?
We have the experience, we use advanced IT solutions, we spend a minimal amount of your time.
Based on an analysis of your needs we prepare request for proposal for energy suppliers and we manage the assessment of the proposals received. We perform these steps within a reasonable time depending on developments in the energy market. Based on the comparison of offers we can make a recommendation for the selection of the most suitable supplier and the best conditions for purchasing energy.
I am interested in your services, what should I do?
Please contact us and we will answer your questions immedialtely or setup time for a meeting to explore how we can address your needs.